Love Brunch


Love Brunch was the first event of its kind, an event which successfully merges the transition between eating, drinking and dancing whilst offering eye opening production from gymnasts to fire eaters, ballerinas to contortionists, funk bands to beat boxers and many more to ensure excited revelry amongst its attendees. Xvavi’s objective was to mirror this fun unconventional concept in their art direction and design.


Love brunch promises an afternoon to remember with “extra proportions of fun”. This tone of voice was important to the progression of ideas when creating Love Brunch’s art direction. Quirky artwork was created through illustration and the layering and manipulation of images. Animated for an even more engaging experience, Xvavi® pushed the designs in a fun yet cool and current direction. Striking in its colourful yet still palatable design, the interactive website is made for easy navigation.
Branding, Design, UI, Website Development
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